About Us

Our Vision

The Episcopal Church of Christ the King, a part of the Anglican Communion, is a caring family who believes in Jesus Christ's redeeming love. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we strive to be spiritual, welcoming, and loving in a multicultural setting. We are dedicated to the sharing of God's Grace and Holy Spirit within our community and throughout the world.

Our Activities

We have many activities at Christ the King. Below are some of the groups that meet regularly during the week.

Our Location

In the Woodlawn area of western Baltimore County, the Episcopal Church of Christ the King provides an open and homely setting for worship in a growing and developing region. Best known as the national headquarters for the Social Security Administration and the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Woodlawn is comprised of several neighborhood communities. We are part of the community of Chadwick, a developed area containing single family homes, duplexes, apartments, and townhouses. Within a two-mile radius of our parish there are numerous family elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as shopping centers, restaurants, and office buildings. As a result, our congregation has also changed and reflects that mixture.

Our church is located just fifteen minutes from Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor. The state capital of Annapolis is only an hour away to the southeast, while the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., is an hour to the southwest. We are approximately five miles west of Baltimore City, seat of the Diocese of Maryland, and one mile off of the interstate Beltway that surrounds the city. The main roads associated with this area are I-695, Security Boulevard, Rolling Road, Baltimore National Pike, and Liberty Road.

Being a Beltway church, it is convenient for people to travel from many areas surrounding the greater Baltimore metropolitan area. We have members that come from as far away as Westminster, New Windsor, and Owings Mills (located to our Northwest), Columbia and Granite (to our West), Catonsville, Pasadena, and Arbutus (to the South), as well as from nearby communities such as Windsor Mill, Chadwick, and Woodlawn. Our immediate neighborhood is a mixture of races, nationalities, languages, and faiths. When local community associations meet, they resemble a mini-United Nations, with Indian, Korean, African-American, Chinese, Nigerian, Sierra Leone, Hispanic, Liberian, Caribbean, and Caucasian members in attendance.